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Oil and Gas

Informational and Consulting services for Oil and Gas projects

Our Company renders comprehensive informational and consulting services for oil and gas Industry in Kazakhstan. We were the consultants for both major foreign investors in Kazakhstan and the state authorities of Kazakhstan. Our subsoil use consultancy includes assistance in preparation of bids for tender blocks and detail advising on the procedure of purchasing contract territories.

Programs of development of Oil and Gas industry

We took active part in drafting and implementing of a number of state program for development of oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan, including program on organization of oil and gas equipment production and the import substitution program.

Subsoil use contracts development and support

The Company elaborates contracts on subsoil use (including production sharing agreements), feasibility studies if hydrocarbons exploration and production, and their negotiation with expert commissions of the state authorities to final signing and registration in the state registers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Feasibility studies and business plans

We will help you to prepare a feasibility study or a business plan for all oil and gas industry projects, including technical and economic evaluation of projects of oil and gas and gas condensate fields development.

Market Studies

We collect and analyze information on economic evaluation and technical capabilities of the oil and gas industry. Our experience is your key to first hand and comprehensive information on the market of oil and gas equipment and transportation of oil and gas and oil products in Kazakhstan